White Council of Wizards


Senior Council (OW172)

  • -, Listens to Wind {a.k.a. ‘Joseph’, ‘Injun Joe’} (OW175)
  • -, Mai {a.k.a. ‘Ancient Mai’} (OW100)
  • -, Rashid {a.k.a. ‘the Gatekeeper’} (OW150)
  • LaFortier, Aleron (OW165)
  • Langtry, Arthur {a.k.a. ‘the Merlin’} (OW 165)
  • Liberty, Martha (OW171)
  • Pietrovich, Simon (OW206)

Wardens (OW176)

  • Luccio, Anastasia – Captian (OW176)
  • Morgan, Donald (OW196)

Laws of Magic (YS232)

  • The First Law — Never Take a Life (with magic)
  • The Second Law — Never Transform Another
  • The Third Law — Never Invade the Thoughts of Another
  • The Forth Law — Never Enthrall Another
  • The Fifth Law — Never Reach Beyond the Borders of Life
  • The Sixth Law — Never Swim Against the Currents of Time
  • The Seventh Law — Never Seek Knowledge and Power from Beyond the Outer Gates

White Council of Wizards

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