Pure Mortal


  • This template covers both mundane and clued-in mortals

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(copied from YS73)

Pure mortals are ordinary (or mundanely extraordinary!) people who don’t have anything supernatural going on—save perhaps for the company they keep or the things they’ve seen. Pure mortals can come from all walks of life—police, doctors, mobsters, actors, students, and more. People like Karrin Murphy, Waldo Butters, and “Gentleman” Johnny Marcone all qualify as pure mortals, at least as we first meet them in the Dresden casefiles.

Pure mortals need a reason to be involved in supernatural goings-on despite a lack of supernatural mojo. This reason can be determined in advance, or it can be supplied quickly during play by dropping the character into the middle of some nasty circumstance.

While they don’t bring any supernatural oomph to the table, pure mortals can still pack quite a wallop in terms of their mundane, “civilized world” influence, connections, and resources. Karrin Murphy has the resources of the Chicago P.D.’s Special Investigations unit available to her, while Marcone has been investing his blood money in expanding his power base both in mortal and supernatural affairs.

Musts: Pure mortals may not take any supernatural ability stunts. In exchange for this restriction, pure mortal characters get a +2 bonus to their starting refresh. If this character ever develops a supernatural ability, this refresh bonus goes away immediately.

Options: Pure mortals may take as many mundane mortal stunts as they can afford without putting them at or over the zero refresh cut-off. That said, some NPC mortals do exactly that! It doesn’t always take supernatural power to corrupt someone beyond the capacity for free will…

Important Skills: None! (Or to put it another way, ANY!) No supernatural powers means no specific skills to focus on. The sky’s the limit!

Total Refresh Cost: None! Instead, increase your starting refresh by 2 before taking any mortal stunts.

Pure Mortal

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