Knight of a Faerie Court


  • There are actually four Faerie Courts … Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.
  • The Knights of the Faerie Courts should be more properly referred to as Knights of the Faerie Rulers. Each ruler has one — the Mothers, Queens, and Ladies usually choose male knights, while the Fathers, Kings, and Lords choose female. There are now twenty-four Knights in total (six in each Court), as opposed to just two.

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As far as we know, each Court of Faerie-Winter and Summer-have only one knight each, a mortal granted some measure of the power of his or her patron Court and charged with making certain the Court’s interests are well-represented in the world of mortals and beyond. For the Winter Court at least, the position is not generally known to be a long-term one, and employment is terminated on case of death alone.

Those chosen to be the Winter Knight and Summer Knight are no lightweights, often catching the attention of the Queens of the Courts for their already well-developed supernatural capacity. But they are bound, body and soul, by deep compulsions to adhere to the word of the Mother, Queen, and Lady of their Court.

Still, the reason these knights exist at all is that they alone possess something unique among the members of the faerie Courts. They have mortal free will, and in this they are able to take action that is flatly impossible for the faeriekind, for the fae cannot act in any way other than accordance with their natures. As such, they are regarded with much more importance than might seem apropos to their (admittedly still potent) supernatural capacity.

Musts: A Knight of the Faerie Court must have a high concept aspect that names the title and mantle he or she has assumed (e.g., WINTER KNIGHT or SUMMER KNIGHT). No other character in the game may hold this same title at the same time as this character. The aspect brings with it all of the strictures and responsibilities the Mother, Queen, and Lady of that Court might place upon the character. It may also mean that the queens can occasionally exercise near-total power over the character-but them’s the breaks. It’s highly likely they know the character’s true name. In addition, the character must take the following supernatural abilities:

  • Faerie Magic (-4)
  • Marked by Power (-1)

Options: Other options abound, such as mixing in elements of a Focused Practitioner, Sorcerer, or Wizard (take note of the potential discount on Seelie or Unseelie Magic in such a case). The character may carry an Item of Power, and may be able to draw upon the power of the courts to exercise Inhuman Strength, Speed, Toughness, or Recovery. Glamours may be possible as well, but are not a given. The player and GM should discuss any such options before the character takes them (and watch those refresh costs!).

Important Skills: Conviction, Discipline.

Minimum Refresh Cost: -5

Knight of a Faerie Court

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