Faerie Courts

There are actually four Faerie Courts … Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

It is interesting to note that the Queens/Ladies are more powerful than the Kings/Lords in the Summer and Winter Courts; while the opposite is true in the Spring and Autumn Courts.

Spring Court

  • Symbolism: Awakening, Birth, Creation, Passion (Sex), Storms, Trickery, and Wildness
    • Rulers:
      • Rulers that Were — Father and Mother Spring
      • Rulers that Are — the Green Man and Queen Gloriana
      • Rulers that Will Be — Jack in the Green and Lady Aeval
    • Associated Faerie Types: Anansis, Centaurs, Elves, Leprechauns, Pixies, Unicorns

Summer Court

  • Symbolism: Fire, Growth, Healing, Harmony, Perfection, Warmth, and Youth
    • Rulers:
      • Rulers that Were — Mother and Father Summer
      • Rulers that Are — Queen Titania and King Oberon
      • Rulers that Will Be — Lady Aurora and Spring-heeled Jack
    • Associated Faerie Types: Cobbs, Gnomes, Gruffs, Kelpies, Sylphs

Autumn Court

  • Symbolism: Harvest, Knowledge, the Land, Predation, Ripeness, and Wisdom
    • Rulers:
      • Rulers that Were — Father and Mother Autumn
      • Rulers that Are — the Erlking and Queen Morrigu
      • Rulers that Will Be — Jack o’ Lantern and Lady Tailte
    • Associated Faerie Types: Brownies, Fetches, Goblins, Hobs, Malks

Winter Court

  • Symbolism: Barrenness, Cold, Death, Decay, Discontent, Ice, and Slumber
    • Rulers:
      • Rulers that Were — Mother Winter and Old Man Winter
      • Rulers that Are — Queen Mab and King Nicholas
      • Rulers that Will Be — Lady Maeve and Jack Frost
    • Associated Faerie Types: Hellhounds, Nixies, Ogres, Rawheads, Trolls

Wyldfae {unaligned}

  • Associated Faerie Types: Dewdrop Faeries, Shellycobbs

A Knight of a Faerie Court is more properly referred to as a Knight of a Faerie Ruler. Each ruler has one — the Mothers, Queens, and Ladies usually choose male knights, while the Fathers, Kings, and Lords choose female. There are twenty-four Knights in total (six in each Court), as opposed to just two.

Faerie Courts

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