Campaign House Rules

These are the current list of House Rules … if not mentioned here, go by what is in the DFRPG books.

Actions in an Exchange

  • You may perform as many actions as you wish as part of your exchange (within the bounds of logic and reason). This is at the cost of a -2 to ALL rolls per supplemental action taken (except movement, which still causes only a -1 penalty). Example – Harry Dresden wants to shoot a ghoul with his pistol, raise his arcane Shield, and then sprint out of the room. This would give him a -3 penalty <-2> to each roll he makes. It should be noted that this penalty also applies to any defense rolls he makes before he acts in the next exchange.
  • For each level you have of Speed, you may eliminate one point of penalty caused by taking multiple actions.

Fate Points

  • At the start of each session, every character receives their adjusted refresh plus two in Fate Points (this is in addition to whatever they may have carried over from the previous game).

Weapons & Armor (YS202)

  • Weapon Ratings have been altered from what is in the book:
    • Most “improvised” weapons, small pocket weapons {e.g. brass knuckles, switchblades, “belly” guns} – Weapon: 1
    • Combat knives, batons, saps – Weapon: 2
    • Swords, baseball bats, most pistols – Weapon: 3
    • Two-handed weapons, oversized pistols (Desert Eagle and company), rifles, shotguns – Weapon: 4
    • Most fully-automatic weapons, sniper rifles – Weapon: 5
    • “Battlefield” weaponry, explosives – Weapon: 6
  • Armor Ratings are likewise increased to ‘match’ the weapon they are designed to stop.

Spells (evocation)

  • 2 shifts of power increase the Weapons rating by 1.


  • Lawbreaker: Does not COST Refresh, instead it GRANTS Refresh.
  • Speed: Grants extra actions.
  • Toughness: Double the Armor value given by each level.

Campaign House Rules

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