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Unexpected Gifts

When Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005, things changed in New Orleans.

The mortals suffered horribly … many losing their homes, some even losing their lives. Little did they realize that the obvious disaster was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The waters also seriously damaged many of the enchantments woven throughout the city, and completely washed away others. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of NOLA, some of those unraveling spell-workings had been set in place a very long time ago for VERY good reasons.

Six years have come and gone since the flooding. The city is still rebuilding itself, but the worst seems to have passed. Or so the citizens think.

Unbeknownst to most everyone, the last mystical bulwark has recently fallen and certain ancient beings intend to take full advantage of the breech …
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Unexpected Gifts is a ‘Submerged’ power-level Dresden Files RPG campaign based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The campaign is ‘set’ before the events of Storm Front … meaning that the things that have taken place in in the actual books have not (and might never) happen. As for Harry himself, he and Elaine Mallory are close associates of the Wizard Justin DuMorne, a retired warden of the White Council.

Players should feel free to add to the wiki, tweak their character sheet, use the forum, make comments, etc.

DFRPG - New Orleans

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